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Our Current Canadian Dollar to Bitcoin Exchange Rate

13721.61 13773.37



Exchange Trading is Operational.

Notice: You may check on the status of the exchange or get updates here. Notice: We have updated our fee structure. You now do not need to pay exchange fees if you hold 100 exchange shares.

Xagau.com is an online and bricks and mortar Bitcoin exchange; the first of its kind in Canada. Xagau.com
technology is based on a state of the art alternative trading system (ATS).

It is free to open an account and you may begin trading immediately after account verification.

We're currently operating in an unofficial soft launch mode. Official launch date will be announced shortly.

Reasons to use Us

  • Market Driven Spreads
  • Zero Fee Account to Account Transfers
  • Fund Account with Cash
  • No Trading Lag
  • 99% Cold Storage
  • Ultra Fast Order Fills